James Portelli, FCII, FIRM | Chartered Insurance Practitioner

The objective of the Author’s Endeavour’s is indeed commendable. And the execution of it, through these books to be lauded. The books is question namely (1) Basics of Risk & Insurance (2) Liability Insurance In Different Colors & Shades and (3) Footprints on Risk Management provide broad, awareness level knowledge of insurance level and risk management.

Thank You for Forwarding me the books authored by you on various subjects of insurance namely (1) Basics of risk & Insurance (2) Footprints On Risk Management (3) Liability Insurance in Different Colors & Shades and (4) Evolution of Engineering Insurance. This is indeed a laudable effort and I am sure students of insurance, especially beginners would find your books very useful in understanding the basic principles and practice of insurance.

Many Thanks for the three complimentary books which I took time off in the week-end to read and update my knowledge. First of all let me wish you for having spent time and energy into Risk Management.

Basics of Risk and Insurance
*Goog compilation of all specimen policy wordings and bullet points on all types of risk, scope and extensions.
*Glossary of definitions is another handy tool.
*Examples on various circumstances that lead to the potential claim scenario are good.

Liability Insurance in Different Colors & Shades
*Complex subject of Liability has been put up in a ready Reckoner fashion with definitions of legal and insurance teams. *Useful to get insight of various liability covers vis-á-vis hazard situation with case laws.

Footprints On Risk Management
*good wake up call for details on emerging risks as mobile phones and radiation impacts due to gadgets and their implications. *arbitration procedures are must to read.

In short these three books would be handy for all the insurance professionals to devise a Risk Solutions when dealing with any Organisations. Efforts put on to design the cover malerials and pencil sketches are commendable.”

I have reviewed various books authored by Ehsanul Haque namely (1) Basics of Risk & Insurance (2) Footprints on Risk Management and (3) Liability Insurance In Different Colours & Shades and found them user friendly and informative, One of the unique feature of three books is that they are all written in simple and easy English. These books are good source of reference because they contained several specimen forms and wordings. The authors efforts and commitment in this matter is highly commendable.

PT. Tajudheen, CPCU, FCII | Chartered Insurer

Upon going through the books namely (1) Basics of Risk & Insurance (2) Footprints on Risk Management and (3) Liability Insurance In Different Colors & Shades authored by Ehsanul Haque, I have pleasure in commenting that these books immensely benefit newcomers in the insurance industry. These books will help the beginners in the industry to gain understanding the risk management, operation of insurance system and various insurance products. I am also pleased to recommend these books to general public, especially who are buyers of insurance to have a bird’s eye view of risk management and insurance.

These books are presented in lucid and simple languages which are precise and concise. These books would be enabled to the readers to have a better understanding of the fundamental of risk management and insurance.

These books are the true testimony of the mission of service to society by sharing his vast experience and knowledge on insurance and risk management gained through his long association with insurance industry spanning over three decades. His professional qualifications in insurance and risk management have also helped him in doing justice to the subjects being discussed.

I have been privileged to have had opportunity to read the three books published by Mr. Ehsanul Haque with the title;

1. Basics of Risk and Insurance
2. Liability Insurance In Different Colors & Shades
3. Footprints On Risk Management

Apart from being author of many articles, the publication of these books is a great achievement and milestone in his career. These books are a great asset for any new comer in this insurance industry and the author has transformed the complexity of Insurance understanding into a layman's mindset. A well collated and presented set of books worth reading by any Insurance Practitioner whether as a new comer or seasoned underwriter as it also serves as a good refresher.

I Have gone throw the insurance books authored by Mr. Ehsanul Haque. His passion and commitment can be seen with you read through the pages of all the books. It is like handbooks with such a simple made to easy for anyone who wants to know what Insurance is all about. Not only this will be useful to new entrants in insurance but also this will encourage younger generation to take insurance career more seriously. It is a great contribution to the insurance industry and also it raises awareness of insurance to general public. A must read.

Mr Haque has translated his many years of rich experience and in-depth knowledge into simple and easily understandable treatises on the basics of Insurance and Risk Management. The books authored by him make for effortless reading and satisfies both of the novice trying to learn the fundamental of the subject as well as professionals trying to brush up their knowledge. Most importantly the books are all complied at Me. Haque’s personal initiative with the purpose of donating the proceeds to charitable causes which is highly commendable. I wish all the best with these books and look forward to more of his works.

Not only a commendable work by the author Mr. Ehsanul Haque for those who are interested to learn about insurance but also worthy cause in view of utilization of proceeds for charity initiatives by him back in his home country. Recently published books namely (1) Basics of Risk & Insurance (2) Liability Insurance In Different Colors & Shades and (3) Footprints on Risk Managementhave a clear and comprehensive writing style which is not common in many subject books. Case studies cited in the books are great source of help for the beginners whilst the simplicity of the language makes a very easy reading. Mr. Haque's expertise in the field of insurance is clearly visible in his passion of writing and spreading knowledge.

I have known Ehsanul Haque as a beginner in the field of insurance and he continues to be a learning beginner with creative mind and thoughtful soul sharing his knowledge with others and stimulating awareness of insuring circles and insuring public.

He placed in the hand of the Insurance Community and insuring public three books namely (1) Basics of Risk & Insurance (2) Footprint On Risk Management and (3) Liability Insurance in different Colors & Shades that fundamentals of insurance in simple and particular manner. His efforts and initiatives are of significant value.

A full review of the book titled Principles of Insurance was made by Mr. K.M. Mortuza Ali which was published in leading business daily The Financial Express on 19th June 2015.