The author has so far published a total of 19 (Nineteen) books. Out of the 19 books, 12 (Twelve) books are devoted to various classes of insurance.

1. Basics of Risk & Insurance.

2. Liability Insurance In Different Colors & Shades.

3. Footprints On Risk Management.

4. Evolution of Engineering Insurance.

5. Principles and Practice of Marine Insurance.

6. Principles of Insurance.

7. Glossary of Insurance.

8. Fundamentals of Insurance.

9. Hand Book On Non-Life Insurance and Reinsurance.

10. Insurance Case Law//Case Studies and Statute Laws.

11. Bima Somikkha

12. Hand Book on Insurance Survey & Claims

A. Insurance Publications :

Insurance publications found their way into the libraries of the following educational and insurance institutions in Bangladesh.

A1. Universities :

1. Eastern University

2. Fareast International University

3. Southeast University

4. University of Dhaka

A2. Insurance institutions
1. Agrani Insurance Co. Ltd.

2. Asia Insurance Ltd.

3. Bangladesh General Insurance Co. Ltd.(BGIC)

4. East Land Insurance Co.

5. Green Delta Insurance

6. Paramount Insurance Co. Ltd.

7. Pioneer Insurance Co. Ltd.

8. Prime Islami Life Insurance ltd.

9. Prime Insurance Co.

10. Reliance Insurance Co.

11. Sena Kalyan Insurance Co. Ltd.

A3. Other institutions
1. Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA)

2. Bangladesh Insurance Academy

3. Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority (IDRA)

4. University Grant's Commission (UGC)

    B. Other Publications :

    The book "Random Thoughts" found its way into the library of various respected educational institutions in Bangladesh namely:

    1. Vishya Shahitya Kendra
    2. Bangladesh Jatiyo Gronthagar (Bangladesh National Library)
    3. Bangla Academy

C. Documentary Film :

The author has made a documentary film titled "Ignorance" dealing with various social problems namely (1) Child Marriage (2) Child Labour (3) Dowry System (4) Population Problem and (5) Superstition

The purpose of this documentary film is to create/raise public awareness and educate them about these social maladies.

IGNORANCE (অজ্ঞতা)

Also available on:    youtube_link

D. Individual Audio :

The author has made a musical album titled "Suur Taranga". Some of his selected songs from the musical album is presented here.

সংগীত কেবল আমাদের মনকেই আনন্দ দান করে না, সংগীত আমাদের মানসিক বিকাশেও সহায়তা করে।   - এহসানুল হক মতি

                                        সুর তরঙ্গ (মূল ধারার বাংলা গানের সংকলন) :

Audio Title:
১। আমারো পরানো যাহা চায়          Download 
২। এসো এসো আমার ঘরে এসো        Download 
৩। এত সুর আর এত গান               Download 
৪। নাইয়ারে নায়ের বাদাম তুইলা      Download 
৫। উজান দেশের মাঝি                   Download